THE EX 2019 – rider details

Hi EXers,
We are getting super excited about the upcoming MERIDA EX in beautiful Exmoor and wanted to give you a few more details on the event.

We are based once again at the Allerford & Selworthy Community Hall, Hare Park, Allerford. The postcode is TA24 8HL. We will mark the venue from the main road and Allerford is small, so you will not miss us.

Event opens:
The event is open for camping set up and arrival from lunchtime on Thursday (12th ). If you could avoid turning up before then would be super helpful, as we will be in the middle of setting up.

Food at the event:
Officially our ‘all-inclusive’ event food starts from Thursday evening. So, if you are arriving before then, please make sure that you have a few snacks etc. with you. Neither Porlock or Minehead are far away if you need to purchase a few last-minute items.

You will find the event briefing for THE EX by clicking here. Please read it thoroughly before you head to the event so that you know the ‘small print’ and what to bring as well as what to do and not to do.

E-bike details:
With having an e-bike category for the 1st time in THE EX, we have a few extra pointers for the riders in the e-bike category. To start with, the e-bikers ride the same course and stages, plus one extra e-bike stage, like the rest of THE EXers. But, they have their own category, so no assisted vs non-assisted racing in THE EX. Besides that, here the other details which are e-bike category-specific:

  • Only regulated (maximum assisted speed of 25km/h / motor limited to a max. of 250 Watts) can participate in the event. We will check every bike and will disqualify every bike/rider who is not riding within the aforementioned limits.   
  • THE EX is very demanding from a terrain point of view, and battery management is going to be a crucial part of the event. Please keep that in mind throughout the day as Friday (35km / 1600m of climbing) and Sunday (29km / 1500m of climbing) will not have a ‘top-up’ charging station on course. You want to consider riding certain sections without any motor assistance to save battery for the latter part of the ride.
  • We will have a ‘top-up’ charging station on the Saturday (45km / 2200m of climbing) at approx. 26km. Every rider will be given approx. 30min of ‘top-up’ charging time. Please make sure that you give your charger (with your name and race number written on the charge for easy identification) to Paul Newman who will be in charge of the charging station.
  • If you happen to have a 2nd battery, then we will not restrict you from using it.

We will be setting up the course pretty much till Thursday afternoon (as we are doing it all by bike and it is hilly down there). If you are keen to go for a little spin when you arrive, please have a chat with either Paul or Michael and get some tips regarding where to go.

Here the basis starts of the three days:
Friday: 35km – 2,000 of descending – 1,600m of climbing – 8 special stages
Saturday: 45km – 2,600 of descending – 2,200m of climbing – 9 special stages (plus one E-bike specific stage)
Sunday: 29km – 1,650 of descending – 1,500m of climbing – 7 special stages

Mechanics and gear:
We will have the Box from Bad Ass Bikes ( coming along to the event. He is there to look after the MERIDA eONE-FORTY press bikes which are getting launched at the event, but also to offer any mechanical help you might need. His services are not included in the event price, so please bring some money in case you need his help. Also, he is well stocked, but he will not have every possible option of product with them. Please keep that in mind. And above all, make sure that your bike is in perfect working order before you turn up.

Schedule/timings for the weekend:
For simplicity, we have put a schedule together which we intend to stick to, but with being a ‘live’ event, please keep in mind that some items might move a bit nearer the time.

Thursday: 12th September 2019
– Event venue/camping opens at lunchtime
– Guided ride (approx. 2 hours) leaves around 4.00 pm (taking part is on your own risk – as always)
– BBQ and drinks from 6.00 pm onwards
– Signing on will be open in the afternoon/evening

Friday: 13th September 2019
– Signing on opens around 9.00 am
– 10:30 am pre-ride ‘yoga session’
– 11:30 am official briefing/welcome
– 12 noon – start of the ride

Saturday: 14th September 2019  
– 8:30 am pre-ride ‘yoga session’
– 9:30 am official briefing
– 10:00 am – start of the ride

Sunday: 15th September 2019  
– 8:30 am pre-ride ‘yoga session’
– 9:30 am official briefing
– 10:00 am – start of the ride
– Approx. 3.00 pm final presentation and end of the event

Extra things:
As you can see from the schedule, we are running our very popular ‘pre-ride’ Yoga classes again. So, if you fancy a little ‘pre-ride’ stretch, then make sure you are ready to ‘stretch’ in the main marquee at the times we have given out in the schedule above. Also, we intend to go for a little bit of a spin on Thursday afternoon. So, if you are up for that, maybe drop us a quick email to to get an idea of numbers. The ride is entirely on your own risk. There are no marshals or medical cover for this ride.   

Social media updates and results:
We will once again put images, videos and the results on our THE EX Facebook page, Instagram account and the main event website Let your friends and family know if they want to keep up with the action. #exenduro

Reduce waste:
We are super keen to reduce the amount of rubbish the event creates. So besides asking you for the obvious of not leaving any rubbish on the trails, we are also looking at a few things for around the event venue. We are using proper cutlery and crockery throughout the event, but we would like you to bring your own coffee/tea mug with you, to reduce the number of paper cups we have used in the past. And to make sure we don’t waste any beer glasses, we will give you your own beer glass when you sign on and ask you to look after that for the weekend. At the end of the event either take home after or give back to us after your final pint. Hope we can all do a little bit to help!

We aim to recycle the bottles and cans from the bar as well as feed stations, so please make sure you use the recycle bins provided.

We are working with Trash Free Trails ( on THE EX with the intention to further reduce the mark we leave on the trails as well as feed station locations. The TFT team have given us the sign of approval based on the last three years and the procedures we have already put in place, but we rely on everybody to make THE EX 2019 the cleanest and most sustainable yet.

Please stay in touch with the Trash Free Trails crew after THE EX has come to an end and spread their message on and around your home trails.

If you haven’t done THE EX, then you might not be aware that the terrain we are using is super technical and super steep at times. We don’t have any sudden drop-offs or big jumps on our courses but, it is undoubtedly demanding to ride. So, from that point of view, we can only recommend to bring at least knee pads to the event and also consider any other protection you might see fit. Helmets are obviously mandatory, but there is no full-face helmet rule.

Besides the crew from MERIDA BIKE who have taken THE EX as a title sponsor for the next three years, we will have a few regular partners with us once again. THE EX will be the official launch-ride event for the new eONE-FORTY. So, make sure you check out the new eONE-FORTY and eONE-SIXTY which will be at the event.

BONTRAGER will be with us showing some of their latest tyres, helmets and riding gear, while Fenwick’s will make sure that bikes are clean and chains run smoothly throughout the weekend.

TRP will have some of their latest stoppers on show, and Lezyne has and will help to keep everybody on course at THE EX. As in 2018, Rideguard will be with us again, making sure that our faces stay clean and that you all got a great looking (and very versatile) number board.

DiscoBrakes and CarbonCycles are also back on board and will have a few of their wares to sell.

We have support from the Bristol Beer Factory once again when it comes to the after ride ‘refuelling’.

And finally, and possibly most importantly, we have the support of the National Trust who, since the very beginning of our THE EX idea, has worked closely with us and enabled us to run our little event.

Thanks to all out sponsors – the event would not be possible without their help!!  

So that’s it.

If you have any more questions, then drop us a line to    

Hope you are looking forward to the event as much as we are, we can’t wait to welcome you all in Allerford.

Paul & Mike

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