Presented by DMR Bikes

THE EX Enduro is a three-day enduro mountain bike event like no other in the UK, created in collaboration with DMR Bikes.

The 2018 event took place on the 14-16th September and was based in Allerford, a small village between Minehead and Porlock.

Just 80 riders challenged themselves to three unforgettable days of mountain biking.

More than just a race, THE EX is an adventure filled with punishing climbs, beautiful singletrack and stunning descents on some of the least ridden trails in the country.

Riders ride, eat and celebrate with fellow racers and and are treated to the best locally sourced food and drink Exmoor has to offer.

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“The descents were unreal … It’s 3 days of loads of miles, loads of downhill, riding with your friends, awesome food. It’s been brilliant, I’ll be back for sure.”
Jono Jones, 2017 overall winner

“It’s clear from taking part in the event that a friendly, laid-back and chilled vibe was the order of the day – the organisers had managed to bottle the spirit of enduro racing.”

“Exmoor left a lasting impression on the riders – most of them being surprised by its beauty, the quality of trails on offer and the huge variety of terrain. It clearly shows THE EX is here to stay.”

“Mike, Paul and the team have definitely pulled a blinder with the EX, managing to combine all the above to create a brilliant, friendly and memorable event.

With only 80 places, getting into next years event will be tight, but totally worth it if you’re one of the lucky ones.”

“Shall we be back there next year; does a bear shit in the woods?”

“Mike and Paul have set the standard … Grassroots multi-day racing focused around putting a smile on people’s faces, with fantastic attention to detail.”

“Epic concept. A very mate’s-race feel to it which is exceptionally good fun. The food is amazing, the people are amazing, brilliant event.”
Charlie Williams, Welsh Gravity Enduro Series

… And the 2017 riders said:

“Amazing trails. Great atmosphere. Well organised. Great sponsor support.”

“Really, really well organised. It’s nice because there aren’t too many riders on the trails. The riders are nicely spread out so there’s no waiting at the top of stages. All inclusive means you can just focus on the race.”

“It’s been absolutely brilliant. I’ve enjoyed it … it’s absolutely EXcellent!”

“Absolutely fantastic. An incredible mix of trails, there’s a fantastic mix. The trails really do make it.”

“The trails were superb and the food, entertainment  and organisation  were fantastic!  More of the same next year please!”

“Longest day on the bike I’ve ever had but what a pleasure to ride so many hidden gems of exmoor! “

“the tea is phenomenal!”