THE MERIDA EX is supported by some of the best names in mountain biking.

We have been in the business of making bikes for almost 50 years, in fact, we are celebrating our 50th in 2022, and while lots of things have changed over the years, we still make our bikes by hand. It was very much the intention of our founder Ike Tseng to improve the reputation and the quality of bikes ‘Made in Taiwan’, and that still remains the main objective for us today.

The last few years have brought some exciting developments, which shows in the current range of the BIG.TRAIL, NINEY-SIX, ONE-TWENTY, eONE-FORTY and the eONE-SIXTY.

We are super excited to be part of this event once again and have been watching it from the sidelines since its start in 2016. Many of our staff members are avid enduro racers and just can’t wait for another chance to mix it up on the tracks and talk bikes with everybody over après ride drinks.

We can’t wait for the event and are looking forward to welcoming everybody to the best-kept secret in the UK mountain bike event world.

Visit www.merida-bikes.com. 

Shimano was established in 1921 so has been in business for nearly 100 years. In this time we have introduced to the market many innovations in bicycle components and technology with our flagship road groupset Dura-Ace bringing di2 electronic shifting to the road racing world which enhanced and dramatically improved shifting performance, speed and accuracy.

This innovation continues with new products continually being brought to the market one recent introduction being Shimano STEPS EP8 e-bike system.

Drive Unit – DU-EP800

Take on steep climbs and tough trails in full confidence with 85Nm increased maximum torque. EP8 delivers smooth, direct power to ensure you’re always in complete control while experiencing a natural ride feeling.

  • Lightweight for better handling (2.6 kg)
  • Quieter to enjoy the trails without distraction
  • Sleek integration and appearance for improved aesthetics
  • More ground clearance for technical trails
  • Refined Trail mode
  • Responsive, especially noticeable when riding above 25km/h
  • Extensive customizable assistance
  • Durable and weather-resistant for riding in all conditions
  • Improved heat management
  • Support when pushing your bike and walking. Riders can hop off and walk their bikes without needing to shift: 4km/h in any gear

The Shimano Team are looking forward to seeing you all at THE EX to do what we love and ride bikes talk bikes and drink a beer together.

Visit our dedicated Shimano STEPS website.

You can also download and read our EP8 magazine.

Exposure Lights has been Designing, Engineering and making lights with real rider benefits in the UK since 2004. Born from U.S.E., manufactures of groundbreaking components for 30 plus years,  Exposure Lights are made to enable the rider to see more, the more the rider can see the more control, the more control the more confidence gained, the more confidence the faster the rider will be, the faster the rider the more fun had.

Exposure Lights are pre-Loaded with technologies to make night riding easier, REFLEX Technology has 3 different ways for the bar light to calculate the riders speed enabling REFLEX to give the right lumen output at the right speed so brighter when needed and dimmer when not all automatically so there is no the need to push a button. Helmet Lights with TAP Technology, the rider simply taps the light or helmet to change the mode between high and low, no button needed. At the top of that descent full lumen output with a simple tap.

Exposure Lights are thrilled to be involved officially with The EX after years of supporting riders racing and cannot wait to get involved in all of the FUN we have heard about on and off of the trails!

Visit Exposure Lights & U.S.E. online.

The National Trust has supported THE MERIDA EX from the word go and have been instrumental in shaping the event to what it is today. A core purpose of the National Trust is to provide excellent access to the outdoors, sometimes through hosting events like THE MERIDA EX to enable people to re-connect with nature and the great outdoors. This links closely with the Trust’s other core purpose of nature conservation and looking after the countryside forever for everyone.

Hopefully by people having a great experience taking part in events like THE MERIDA EX it will encourage them to come back as visitors, bring their family and spend more time discovering Exmoor. For the National Trust, it is about building a relationship with people, helping them to understand and care for the countryside, growing support for the organisation and its cause and ultimately enabling them to deliver a healthy, more beautiful environment.

Visit National Trust online.

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Quality, innovative components, and thoughtful accessories—all made with a rider-first and no-compromise mentality. Whether you’re looking for a replacement part, upgraded components or wheels, or entirely new add-ons that modify the look and feel of your bike, every Bontrager product is built to make your next ride better than your last.

Visit BONTRAGER online.

Born Out of Necessity
Race Face was created by a group of die-hard mountain bikers hell-bent on doing things differently. When the gear couldn’t keep up with the riding, we made our own. The mountains near Vancouver turned out to be the perfect playground to dream up and test legendary parts.

Rider driven, team tested
There’s one simple rule we live by: riders come first. We serve the rider and their needs because they’re the keepers of the sport we love. And before we release any of our gear into the wild, we have it tested by world-class riders on some of the harshest terrain on earth. If it survives them, it’s ready for you.

Lead Don’t Follow
We’re a lot like you. We love being in the woods, hanging out with friends, and flowing downhill on two wheels. We live and breathe this stuff and we want to see the sport grow and succeed. That’s why we fearlessly take the lead, pushing mountain biking beyond what’s possible. We’re blazing the trail, and we want to bring everyone along with us.

One Big Happy Family
If you ride, you’re one of us. The only requirement is that you have fun doing what you do. Because when you’re fully in your element, that’s when your free to push your riding beyond the ordinary.

We at Race Face are honoured to be onboard with the Ex-Enduro and help guide you through the event. We will be providing ratings at the start of each of stage to prep you for the difficulty ahead. It might be a stage best suited for our Charge armour where lightweight, minimal protection and breathability is key, or it might be a full send stage and you might want our Flank gear. Having ridden it before, there’s plenty of variety and lots of spice!

Visit Race Face online.

CarbonCycles make the highest quality carbon fibre bicycle components. Their design and manufacturing processes are truly innovative & components perfectly balance lightweight & strength.

Visit Carbon Cycles online.

Disco Brakes put the style in stopping! Their range of top quality, low-cost brake pads, hoses, cables, adapters and rotors offer incredible performance that can be delivered quickly to your door without breaking the bank.

Visit Disco Brakes online.

RideGuards are designed, tested and made in Bristol, UK.

With over 20 years designing for some of the world’s best-loved bike brands, combined with our passion for bikes, design and local manufacturing, led us to create RideGuard mudguards.

We’ve used multiple guards for all sorts of riding over the years, and we felt we could make improvements. Our guards are designed, tested and made in Bristol, a city with a well-established cycling tradition. One that gives us access to a variety of athletes, riding applications to test our guards, and ensure they’ll work anywhere in the world.

We’re passionate about keeping things local and making our products as eco-friendly as possible. RideGuards are manufactured from recycled industrial waste, don’t require any extra packaging, and with added features like the Sag Setter on the PF1 guards, we’re making the most of every last piece of material.

Visit www.rideguard.co.uk online.

At CAMS we help cyclists who have been involved in non-fault cycling accidents. We know what is important to you; you need support from people you trust to help you get back on the road and fight for the compensation you may deserve. We arrange bike repair or a replacement bike to be provided up-front and will work with your local bike shop to help get you back in the saddle. If you have been injured, we can put you in touch with a team of specialist cycling solicitors who will fight for the compensation you deserve. We also replace your damaged helmet and clothing upfront as well. We take care of all the admin of the insurance claim and leave you free to enjoy your bike.

We claim through the at-fault driver’s insurance policy so you do not need to be insured. Most cyclists don’t realise they have the option of the service that CAMS offer and end up claiming directly through the car drivers insurance policy – this generally leads to long delays, lots of paperwork and a bike in a box from a large online retailer. At CAMS we do things differently and work to get the very best result for the cyclist. We use our trusted experts at bike shops throughout the UK to carry out the inspections and valuations of the bikes involved in traffic accidents and we repair or replace your bike based on their report.

We have been helping people who have been involved in cycling accidents since 2010. We have assisted thousands of clients by taking away the inconvenience that inevitably results from losses incurred in an accident. All you need to do is visit www.c-ams.co.uk or call us on 0345 054 1000 with the driver’s registration plate and we will get to work for you.

We are very excited to be sponsoring THE MERIDA EX Enduro and even more excited to be riding it after hearing all about it from friends and colleagues over the past few years.

Visit www.c-ams.co.uk online.

Once again, we are supported by the Bristol Beer Factory, allowing us to have a variety of their popular beers (all included in your entry fee) at the event, perfect for after ride ‘refuelling’.

Visit www.bristolbeerfactory.co.uk online.