Individual rider pictures from THE EX 2017

Our event photographer Paul Box has been in touch as he had quite a few requests for pictures of individual riders. He sent us a few words to explain how this could work. Please keep in mind that he was there to document the event for us as well as shoot pics for the attending press but he might be able to dig out a pic or two of individual riders if you are interested.

‘I have had a lot of you contact me regarding images from the EX.

I am not set up to do event photography as such and was shooting images for press/marketing (not banging off generic images of every rider), so I may or may not have images of you. I also don’t put out “snaps” unprocessed as you might find on a site set up for event photography.

I am pretty hard on my editing at the end of each day so I may well have binned an image that you would have liked but was a bit out of focus or you had a funny face, bike position etc, etc (sorry for that).

Anyway, I am happy to look for an image or images of you. This will take me time in admin, searching, processing and invoicing so I would charge £30 plus vat for one image and £50 plus vat for 2. The images are generally huge files, should you want to use any image in commercial sense please discuss this with me first.

If this is something you would like me to do I can have a look for you. I would ask you if you have no intention of spending the fees above that you don’t ask me just to get a low res version etc. I am merely trying to cover the costs of my time in helping you out.

The image may be grainy when in the woods as It was super dark and I was on the camera’s limit of ISO.

If I don’t have anything you want or I haven’t shot you obviously there is no charge.

I hope that makes sense.

If you want a look please give.

1: race number
2: what bike you were riding and what color etc
3: If you remember what clothes you were wearing and on what days.

Many thanks


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  1. No 5 giant trance black with blue graphics grey shorts please let me know if you have any pics

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