THE EX, presented by DMR bikes, will return for the 3rd time in 2017.

2016’s THE EX was exactly what we wanted it to be. It was tough on the climbs, unforgettable on the descents and just tough enough to be a challenge but fun enough to rank as a ‘best ride ever’ experience.

Off the bike (we think anyway!) we got the vibe exactly as we wanted it. The beers flowed, hungry bellies were filled with great local food and the race village was abuzz with the “do you remember that bit?!” shouts that go with any great ride.

Pro photographer Roo Fowler not only raced THE EX but also documented the event with beautiful images. Here’s just a small selection of his images from 2016:

Roo also created a series of short daily videos showing his experience of THE EX:

Jim from PinnedTV also joined us for the race (and made it onto the podium!).

He documented his weekend here: