What do you need to know about THE EX?

Can I pre-register my interest for 2018’s THE EX?

Yep, you can. Pre-registered riders will be able to enter THE EX 48 hours in advance of any one not on the pre-list. You’ll get the sign up link before the general public and you’ll get a first-come-first-served chance to be one of the 80 riders.

Pre-register for THE EX 2018 here.

Where can I find results for THE EX?

Results for the 2017 THE EX enduro are online here.

What date will the 2018 THE EX Enduro be?

We’re yet to confirm the date of the 2018 event … but we’re hoping to hold it on the same weekend as the 2017 event which will be 13 – 15th September 2018.

When will entries open for THE EX 2018?

We’re hoping to open entries for the 2018 event in spring 2018 – subject to negotiations with land owners and sponsors of course.

What is the event postcode

The post code for THE EX Enduro is TA24 8HL.

What date is THE EX?

THE EX will be held on the 15-17 September 2017.

How do I enter THE EX?

You can enter THE EX on our website.

Can I enter on the day?

Sorry, no. THE EX is pre-entry only and open to just 80 riders in advance. Entries are available online here.

Why does the race cost £250?

THE EX isn’t your usual one-day event. It’s a three day, all inclusive mountain bike adventure. We’ve created 3 days of incredible mountain biking that you couldn’t otherwise access and limited the numbers to keep it really special. We’ll put on evening entertainment, bicycle demos and an Expo area, we’ll feed you, water you and even provide the drinks. There’s even an uplift each day to start you off.

What accommodation is available?

Camping, meals and drinks (alcoholic and otherwise!) are provided in the entry fee for THE EX.  Just bring your tent, camper-van or motorhome and you can pitch at the race village. There will be onsite toilets, showers and a comfortable, quiet, sheltered and flat field for you.

For an additional £40 per person (or £30 per person for 2 sharing) you’ll arrive to a fully pitched tent with a sleeping mat.

If you’d prefer a roof over your head, Exmoor has all manner of rental accommodation within easy reach of the site. We’d prefer you stay on site and cheers the day’s riding, but that’s your call!

What food and drink is provided at THE EX?

THE EX is an all-inclusive event so we’ll feed you and water you for no extra cost. We’ll provide hearty breakfasts and evening meals each day with more than enough food to power you on.

A typical breakfast will include porridge, bacon/sausage/egg baps, fruit, cereal and proper coffee.

An example of an evening meal would be lasagna with jacket potato, green salad, sweet potato chips and potato salad. And Luffy’s legendary crumble and custard or fresh fruit for pudding.

There are vegetarian and vegan options available. Please let us know in advance of any other special dietary requirements.

During each day we’ll provide a vintage tea stop on-course to keep you motoring on through the stages and well fed and watered. There’s plenty of cake, sandwiches, cream tea and tea, coffee and water.

You should be well feel throughout the event but you may still want to pack some bars, gels and snacks to make sure you can get round each day.

Anyone arriving on the Thursday night before the event starts can eat, but will need to pay a modest extra fee.

Catering is provided by Luff’s Cafe, Newton Abbot.  Beer is thanks to Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery.

What is the racing format?

THE EX is run as an enduro race. Each day you will ride a set, way marked route and link together several timed, competition ‘stages’.

Timed stages will be predominantly downhill and the aim is to go as fast as you can from start to finish. You’ll meet various obstacles as you race – including jumps, drops, berms, rocky sections, steep chutes etc.

The timed stages will be linked together by an un-timed route that includes climbs, descents, singletrack and lots of fun and non-competitive trails.

We will use a dibber system for timing which will be explained to you on the day.

What will the riding be like?

Exmoor’s riding is some of the best and most varied mountain biking in the UK. There will 35-45km of riding a day for 3 days with approx 2,000m climbing each. All of the off-road riding will be natural, unsurfaced trails.

The trails boast a massive variety from flat-out rocky moorland gallops to tight, technical, rooty threading. We think that we’ve designed an event that is physically tough and a good test of skill and bike handling … without making it too demanding that your average rider can’t enjoy it.

We haven’t had any complaints yet!

How fit do I need to be?

There will 35-45km of riding a day for 3 days with approx 2,000m climbing each. That will include several timed stages a day where you’ll be pushing hard to beat your mates.

You can expect THE EX to be physically demanding with long days and big climbs. There will be an uplift each day to start the day, feed-stops and water stations to keep you fuelled and our team will be on-hand to scoop you up if you decide it’s too much.

What bike should I ride?

Any well-maintained mountain bike will make it round THE EX. In 2016 we had hardtails, full suspension bikes and every combination of travel, geometry and tyre shape imaginable.

Bring the bike that will get you up the big climbs and down the technical descents and that you know won’t let you down. Tubeless is strongly recommended as are some decent, tough tyres that can take a beating on the rocks.

eBikes are welcome and if enough enter we’ll setup a specific category for them to compete. Otherwise, eBike riders are welcome to ride and will receive timed stages … but won’t count in the overall results.

What clothes should I wear?

Exmoor is on the coast and is definitely ‘proper’ mountain biking. There’s plenty of exposed moorland, lots of windy, cliff-tops, splashes through streams and the weather can be as unpredictable as anywhere else in the UK.

There will be times when you’re a long way from base-camp and from the nearest village.  We’ve booked the good weather but … nothing is guaranteed!

Wear the clothes that you would normally wear for a big day out in the hills. Sturdy, technical shorts and jersey are recommended. Long sleeves will help with wind and snaggy bushes. A decent, packable, wind-proof and water-proof jacket that you can store in your bag is a must.

Full face helmets are allowed but are not compulsory. We’d should wear a sturdy, well fitting pair of knee and elbow pads on all timed stages. Good quality mountain biking gloves are also recommended.

Goggles are welcome but, please, absolutely no tear-offs.

What kit should I ride with?

A hydration pack is absolutely essential for THE EX. You’ll need to carry everything that you will need to safely and comfortably complete a long day in the hills in changeable weather. There are feed stops each day but they’re often mid-way through the day and at the end of some big climbs.

We’d recommend spare inner tubes and a pump, a good quality water-proof and wind-proof jacket, plenty of water, tools (allen keys, chain tool, powerlink) and some food to keep you going between feed stations. Powerbars and gels are recommended but please, take your litter home.

First aid staff will be on site all weekend but we’d recommend riders carry a First Aid kit.

A fully charged mobile phone is recommended but signal can be unpredictable.

Are eBikes welcome?

eBikes are very welcome to ride THE EX.

If enough eBike riders enter, we’ll run a specific category for them and provide a podium, prizes and rankings. If not, riders are welcome to complete the course and will receive times for stages but won’t be ranked or receive prizes.

For any other questions please contact us.